Vita Shine Tooth Gloss

Vita Shine Tooth Gloss

Introducing our daily use tooth gloss, Vita Shine! Vita Shine acts as a daily remineralizer to your enamel which is especially important after completing a whitening treatment!

Vita Shine aides in both stain removal and enriching the enamel with vitamins lost daily due to foods, drinks and oral habits!

The peppermint taste is an added bonus to this gentle non abrasive gel that cleans and fights cavities without added fluoride!

We recommend brushing twice a day with a SOFT brush and luke warm water. 

For ages 6+. 



Patented Stain Removal Technology!

Enriched with Viatmins A, B6 & C!

Soothes and nourishes gums.

Helps the fight against cavities!

Non Abrasive!

No Fluoriide and No Peroxide.